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New Creative Blog Announcement!

Oh, hi there! I see you’ve found your way onto my new weekly blog - welcome! This is a new blog that will have weekly posts about my experiences through the creative world, from getting started, to making an impact and creating work that will get you noticed (that’s the aim anyway!). 

Let’s rewind just a touch so that I can tell you more about myself. My name is Kalum and I am a photographer from Bristol, England. I am in my mid twenties and very much in the middle of my quarter life crisis (a story for another day and yes it's a real thing). I am a professional photographer. I hesitate to add the prefix to that statement as I am unsure what it means to be a ‘Professional’  photographer. In this instance I am using the word ‘professional’ to mean that this is my only form of employment and I get paid for (most) of the work that I do. The reason I hesitate to use the word professional is because, a lot of people seem to think of professional photographers as being the most famous, not knowing that professional means being paid for the job you do. 

The reason behind this new blog is to share my journey through the ‘professional’ world of an artist or more commonly used term - creative, so that you may learn and gain some insight from my experiences. This blog is not just aimed at photographers however, I aim to write this blog from an artists point of view so that my experiences can be shared and used throughout different fields within the artistic world, whether that be graphic design, painting, film making , photography and so on. The creative and the business worlds are two different beasts that more often than not need to be tamed in different ways. In my experience it is very easy to let one take over the other, which for any artist, is not a good thing. The business side of the job can cage your creativity and with it your passion for the job, which is the whole reason for doing it in the first place. This is what we must aim to avoid. 

The second reason for writing this blog is to push myself creatively, in a field where I know little about. I am talking about writing. I am not a writer, but have always loved the idea of being a writer, and the best way to improve at something, is to do it! This will be the subject for my first blog post - Do by Doing. By stating this, it also acts as my excuse for any poor writing and incorrect grammar - I am still learning so bare with me!

By following this blog you can expect weekly articles about how to keep your inspiration and drive for your work as well as experiences from my own personal journey will hopefully give you guidance. My aim is to help you navigate the world of the ‘professional’ creative by learning from my experiences. In the upcoming weeks you can expect blog posts about - what it means to ’find your niche’ within the industry, how to deal with creative block, how to get the clients and the jobs you want, and much more!

So if this sounds like something that may help you, subscribe to the blog and leave a comment! Also please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any thoughts or questions, or if you just want to talk! I know very well that this way of life can sometimes be a lonely one especially if you do not have like minded people around you, so if you want someone to bounce ideas off of or just talk about your passion please feel free to get in touch!

See you next week! 

- Kalum

Fashion Review - CAT Basis Boot

I was lucky enough to be sent a pair of Cat Footwear's new Basis boot to test and review. I have been a fan of Cat Footwear and their boots for many years and I was super excited to test out these boots, as they offer a look into CAT's new Flex FWD technology. 

First of all, the design of the boot. The boot is a casual take on the style of a work boot, meaning it is more for casual use rather than use in rugged environments. The boot is a mid - high mens boot with a full grain leather upper. The leather on this boot is fairly thin, which is allows the boot to be more flexible and lightweight. The footbed is made up from folded cork with a cushion foam layer to provide added shock absorption. The design is very strong and has a very bold look and feel to it.  The most intriguing design feature to me is the new Flex FWD technology that CAT has used in the sole of the Basis. According to CAT Footwear's website: 'The boot is powered by FlexFWD comfort technology with an outsole designed with flex grooves, to provide the right amount of rebound to relieve pressure under your heel, arch and toes'. I was very interested to see how this new technology made their already comfortable boot, that more comfortable.

So, onto my experience with the boot. I thought it was everything that CAT had promised. To begin with, the boot is extremely god looking, my pair is in the ginger colour way with the white/ cream sole (a black colour option is also available). It is designed on the style of a work boot without having the bulkiness that usually comes with it. Having worn these boots with a variety of trousers and jeans, they pretty much work with everything. However, favourite combination was definitely the light blue denim jeans, as the blue is a great complimentary colour to the ginger. 

Having worn these boots both on photoshoots and out on the evening, I can certainly say the Flex FWD technology in the sole of this boot is incredibly comfortable and light. I have seen a lot of boots opt for a lightweight style, but this usually means the support of the boot is lacking. This is not the case here, the boot still offers the same level as support as you come to expect with CAT's boots. The new grooves in the sole of the boot makes the boot extremely flexible, which you don't see to often in boots of this style and size and is a welcome addition. 

This boot has everything you could want in a casual boot - great looks, comfort, lightweight and flexible. This boot has passed my test of working on photoshoots where I have walked around uneven streets for hours at a time, so there is no doubt as to why these boots are becoming the hit they deserve to be.    

- Kalum 






Ok... I admit it, I am not good at keeping up with this blog. It is something that I will be working on with an aim to have a weekly post. I have been working on some new exciting projects and I need to share them with you! 

I have some other ideas for this blog but would really love to hear what you think. If you have any requests for blog posts, whether that is more detail about how I shoot or edit or just a behind the scenes look, I would love to hear from you so comment below. 

I am also toying with the idea of having more fashion based posts also as working in the fashion industry can be super exciting!  

- Kalum 

A shot from a recent shoot with CAT Footwear Basis boot. 

A shot from a recent shoot with CAT Footwear Basis boot.