Fashion Review - CAT Basis Boot

I was lucky enough to be sent a pair of Cat Footwear's new Basis boot to test and review. I have been a fan of Cat Footwear and their boots for many years and I was super excited to test out these boots, as they offer a look into CAT's new Flex FWD technology. 

First of all, the design of the boot. The boot is a casual take on the style of a work boot, meaning it is more for casual use rather than use in rugged environments. The boot is a mid - high mens boot with a full grain leather upper. The leather on this boot is fairly thin, which is allows the boot to be more flexible and lightweight. The footbed is made up from folded cork with a cushion foam layer to provide added shock absorption. The design is very strong and has a very bold look and feel to it.  The most intriguing design feature to me is the new Flex FWD technology that CAT has used in the sole of the Basis. According to CAT Footwear's website: 'The boot is powered by FlexFWD comfort technology with an outsole designed with flex grooves, to provide the right amount of rebound to relieve pressure under your heel, arch and toes'. I was very interested to see how this new technology made their already comfortable boot, that more comfortable.

So, onto my experience with the boot. I thought it was everything that CAT had promised. To begin with, the boot is extremely god looking, my pair is in the ginger colour way with the white/ cream sole (a black colour option is also available). It is designed on the style of a work boot without having the bulkiness that usually comes with it. Having worn these boots with a variety of trousers and jeans, they pretty much work with everything. However, favourite combination was definitely the light blue denim jeans, as the blue is a great complimentary colour to the ginger. 

Having worn these boots both on photoshoots and out on the evening, I can certainly say the Flex FWD technology in the sole of this boot is incredibly comfortable and light. I have seen a lot of boots opt for a lightweight style, but this usually means the support of the boot is lacking. This is not the case here, the boot still offers the same level as support as you come to expect with CAT's boots. The new grooves in the sole of the boot makes the boot extremely flexible, which you don't see to often in boots of this style and size and is a welcome addition. 

This boot has everything you could want in a casual boot - great looks, comfort, lightweight and flexible. This boot has passed my test of working on photoshoots where I have walked around uneven streets for hours at a time, so there is no doubt as to why these boots are becoming the hit they deserve to be.    

- Kalum 





Fashion Photography - Ann Frost

Fashion Photography Bristol 

The aim for this shoot was to help build my model's portfolio with a few different looks and styles. When preparing for the shoot I created a mood board of the look and feel that I wanted to capture - a kind of grungy rock look with a bad-ass styled model. My model (Ann Frost) was quite new to modelling, however, you could not tell as she was definitely a natural! We had a location in Bristol ready and rolled with it once we were there. We managed to get a variety of looks and produced some great shots.